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Best Harry Potter Crafts For Kids Art They Will Love

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Harry Potter Crafts for Kids: Magical Projects to Enchant Young Wizards!

As a Harry Potter fan, nothing excites me more than sharing the magic of this enchanting world with kids through crafting. It’s a wonderful way to not only relive the adventures from the books and movies, but also to spark creativity in young minds.

Children creating magical crafts inspired by Harry Potter, surrounded by wands, spell books, and potion ingredients

Creating Harry Potter crafts is an engaging activity that allows kids of all ages to immerse themselves in the wizarding world, giving them the chance to make their own wands, potions, or even a sorting hat.

By introducing easy Harry Potter crafts for kids, we empower children to express their love for the series in a tangible way. It’s incredible to see how a simple DIY project can bring the stories to life for young fans.

Whether it’s for a themed birthday party, a school project, or just for a fun weekend activity, these crafts are perfect for budding witches and little wizards.

Getting Started with Magical Harry Potter Crafts

Harry Potter Crafts for kids

When I begin a new Harry Potter craft with kids, I think about the magical experience we’re about to create.

It’s not just about the finished project, it’s the excitement and imagination that play a big part in crafting something from the wizarding world.

Selecting Your Craft Supplies

Before diving into any DIY project, it’s essential for me to gather all the right supplies. Here, I’ll walk you through the materials I typically use to ensure our crafting session is not only fun, but also runs smoothly.

  • Hot glue gun: An indispensable tool for almost all crafting projects, especially when we’re making wands or assembling parts of a Hogwarts castle model. Just remember, always supervise when it’s used by children.
  • Rag: I keep a clean cloth handy for quick cleanups, wiping away excess glue or dabbing up spills. They’re especially useful when we get a little too excited with the food coloring!
  • Food coloring: This allows us to add that special Potter touch. Whether we’re making Harry Potter potion bottles or house scarves, a splash of color brings our magical crafts to life.
  • Extra craft supplies: Depending on the craft, I might need additional supplies like construction paper, pipe cleaners, beads, or glitter. A well-stocked craft box means we’re ready for any creative ideas that comes our way.

Remember, the key is to have fun and let creativity guide us. As I organize these supplies, I allow myself to get inspired by the magic of Harry Potter and the endless possibilities for crafting.

Magical DIY Harry Potter Wands and Spells

Creating your very own Harry Potter wands and designing spell effects can bring the enchantment of the wizarding world right into your home.

It’s simple, fun, and a perfect activity for young witches and wizards in training.

Creating Your Own Harry Potter Wands

A table covered in colorful craft supplies, including glitter, feathers, and beads. A wand taking shape with glue and paint, surrounded by Harry Potter spell books and potion bottles

I’ve learned that the key to crafting a successful DIY Harry Potter wand is to personalize it. Each wand should be as unique as the person wielding it. Here’s a straightforward way to make your magic wand:

  • Materials Needed:
    • Chopsticks or skewers
    • Hot glue gun
    • Acrylic paint
    • Beads, sequins, or any other decorative items
  1. Base Creation: Start by using a hot glue gun to form the handle on one end of the chopstick. You can add texture by creating patterns with the glue.
  2. Decoration: Once the glue has dried, you can paint your wand in any color that resonates with you. The final touch involves gluing on any beads or sequins to give it that personal flair.

Remember, every wizard’s wand is as distinct as their fingerprint, so feel free to get creative!

Learning and Designing Spell Effects

Now, with your wand at the ready, let’s move on to spells. Spells in the Harry Potter universe often come with a gesture and an incantation. Here’s a great way you can design your own spell effects:

  • Come up with an Incantation: It should be a resonant phrase, consider using Latin or inventing a word that sounds magical to you.
  • Gesture Practice: Each spell has a unique movement. Flick and swish, or maybe a firm jab, you decide what motion unleashes your spell.

For instance, levitation in the Harry Potter series uses the spell “Wingardium Leviosa” paired with a swish and flick motion.

As a creative exercise, I like to use spells as a way to encourage imaginative play. You can create a list of your DIY spells and practice them, like this:

Spell Name Effects Gesture
Lumos Creativa Sparkles of light Gentle wave
Ventus Flightus Imaginary levitation Upward thrust

Crafting magic wands and inventing your own spells are both fantastic ways to engage with the Harry Potter world and enhance your magical knowledge.

Remember, all it takes is a little creativity, some simple supplies, and a dash of imagination to bring the DIY magic to life.

Cute Bookmarks and Enchanting Paper Crafts

Enchanting bookmarks and paper crafts inspired by Harry Potter. Quills, wands, and magical creatures adorn the pages, creating a whimsical and spellbinding scene

For my fellow Harry Potter fans, I’ve discovered charming ways to bring a bit of magic to our reading adventures and Harry Potter books.

Creating Harry Potter-themed bookmarks and paper crafts is not only a fun activity to share with the kids, but it’s also a heartwarming approach to keep our favorite characters and themes close as we dive into new stories.

House Themed Bookmarks

Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw? No matter which house you’re sorted into, you can show off your house pride with DIY house themed bookmarks.

You’ll need some colored paper matching your house colors, scissors, and glue. Simply cut strips for the bookmarks, then adorn them with house crests.

You could even add a lightning bolt bookmark topper for that touch of The Boy Who Lived. Imagine slipping a vibrant red and gold Gryffindor bookmark into your latest read, how magical is that? Try this craft stick Harry Potter bookmark for a fun and easy project.


Harry Potter crafts for kids

Monster Book of Monsters Corner Bookmark

For something a bit more on the wild side, I absolutely adore the idea of a Monster Book of Monsters corner bookmark. It’s a quirky and delightful way to mark your pages.

To craft your own little monsters, you’ll need brown paper, some felt for the details, and glue to create the toothy grin and beady eyes of this infamous textbook.

This creature will peek out from the pages of your book, guarding your spot like the fierce little guardian it is.

Creating Harry Potter bookmarks adds an enchanting touch to reading time and celebrates the series that continues to spark our imaginations. Grab some paper, a bit of magic, and let’s get started with this fun craft!

Hogwarts School Essentials

A cluttered desk with a stack of spellbooks, a wand, and a cauldron filled with colorful potion ingredients. A Hogwarts crest hangs on the wall

Before I get started, I want to mention that every aspiring witch or wizard needs their Hogwarts school essentials.

Crafting your very own Sorting Hat and robes, along with making Hogwarts acceptance letters and stationery, can be a magical and fun activity for both you and your kids.

Crafting a Sorting Hat and Robes

Making a Sorting Hat is a centerpiece of the Hogwarts experience. It’s simpler than it seems! You can create a cone shape from sturdy brown cardstock and then use scissors to add the iconic facial features.

To make the hat look more authentic, crumple the cardstock before shaping it to give it a worn appearance.

To accompany the hat, robes can be made with any black fabric; sheets work well. Cut a hole for the head and use fabric glue or a simple stitch to make flowing sleeves.

For a more immersive experience, create Sorting Hat candles. You can find easy-to-follow candle-making kits online.

Add fragrance oils that remind you of Hogwarts, like pine for the Forbidden Forest or leather and dust for the Gryffindor common room. Remember to supervise your kids closely when making candles.

Making Hogwarts Acceptance Letters and Stationery

Next is the iconic Hogwarts acceptance letter. I’ve found heavy parchment paper gives these letters an authentic look.

You can handwrite the invitation or print it using a calligraphic font for a professional finish. Don’t forget to include the Hogwarts crest for an official touch!

To complete the stationery set, you can create envelopes from the same parchment paper. Seal them with a red wax seal to replicate the Hogwarts’ seal.

If you have feather quills and ink, you can also craft your own quill for that extra magical feel.

Writing with a quill is a unique experience, and your kids will love learning how to do it just like Harry did when he received his first Hogwarts letter.

Harry Potter Themed Wearables

A table covered in Harry Potter themed wearables and crafts for kids. Items include scarves, wands, and house crests

When I think about bringing the magic of Harry Potter to life for kids, I love starting with wearable themed crafts.

They’re a fun way for young fans to express their love for the series and to feel like they’re a part of that enchanting world.

Let’s dive straight into making some magical Harry Potter themed wearables!

Creating Harry Potter Jewelry

I’ve found that kids adore making and wearing Harry Potter jewelry. It’s a simple activity that can have stunning results.

One of my favorites to craft with children are Deathly Hallows earrings.

We use plain hoop earrings and attach three elements representing the Deathly Hallows: a triangle, a circle, and a straight line.

Using lightweight craft materials like shrink plastic or even wire can result in some beautifully magical accessories.

Another fun project is creating house-themed jewelry. For instance, a Ravenclaw-inspired bracelet can involve blue and silver beads to represent the house’s colors.

By combining different beads and charms, kids can take pride in wearing their house colors with style.

Fashioning House Scarves and Quidditch Attire

Every young Harry Potter fan yearns for their very own house scarf, and making one doesn’t have to be complicated. I’ve guided kids in making their own scarves using fleece, it’s no-knit and all fun.

Just choose fleece in their preferred house colors, cut strips to length, and fringe the ends. In no time, they’re wrapped up in a cozy Gryffindor or whichever house they love, scarf.

For those interested in the sportier side of Harry Potter, creating a Ravenclaw Quidditch shirt can be a blast.

A plain blue t-shirt can be transformed with fabric paint or iron-on patches to represent the Ravenclaw Quidditch team. Add on a pair of goggles or a broomstick, and you’re ready for the pitch!

Crafting these Harry Potter themed wearables offers a perfect way for kids to connect with the books and Harry Potter movies they adore. It’s a joy to see their faces light up when they wear what they’ve made.

Let their imaginations soar as they wear these crafts to their next Harry Potter-themed party or even just for a magical day at home.

Potion-Making and Magical Experiments

A cauldron bubbles with colorful potions, while magical ingredients and spell books scatter the table. Smoke and sparks fill the air as wands and stirring sticks move on their own

In the world of Harry Potter, potions are the essence of magic. I’ve found that creating your own potions and magical experiments can be a fantastic way to engage with the enchanting universe, especially for young fans.

Creating Potion Bottles and Labels

Materials Needed:


  1. Gather bottles or jars in different shapes to be potion bottles.
  2. Design and print labels with potion names from the Harry Potter series.

I like to give a touch of authenticity to my potion bottles by aging the labels with tea or coffee and then adhering them to the bottles.

This not only brings the Harry Potter potions to life, but also sparks creativity in kids as they imagine what each potion could do.

Edible Potions and Butterbeer Recipes

A memorable part of any Harry Potter party or gathering is brewing up some edible potions. The most iconic, perhaps, is Butterbeer. Here’s a simple non-alcoholic recipe to try:


  • 2 cups of cream soda
  • 1/2 cup of butterscotch syrup
  • 1/2 cup of heavy cream


  1. Mix cream soda and butterscotch syrup.
  2. Whip the heavy cream and gently fold it into the beverage.

Serve this in your decorated potion bottles for a truly magical experience. If you’re looking for more potion-like recipes, you can conjure your very own Golden Snitch Catapults or Harry Potter Potion Slime Making Activity, which is not only fun, but also an engaging sensory play for kids.

Wizarding World Decorations and Ornaments

Wizarding World decorations and ornaments fill the room, with floating candles, spell books, and magical creatures. A cauldron bubbles in the corner, while a broomstick and wand rest against the wall

I love getting creative with crafts, especially when they’re themed around Harry Potter.

In this section, I’ll walk you through steps for making festive Christmas ornaments and magical room décor that can bring a touch of the wizarding world right into your home.

Making Harry Potter Christmas Ornaments

For Christmas, I find that handmade Harry Potter Christmas tree ornaments really add a unique and magical touch. Here’s my method:

  1. Materials: You’ll need clear plastic or glass ornaments, paint, glue (preferably clear-drying), and a variety of Harry Potter-themed materials like miniature brooms, house crests, and tiny scrolls.
  2. Steps:
    • Paint the ornaments in house colors or with your favorite spells and let them dry.
    • Attach small Hogwarts house crests or characters inside the ornaments using clear drying glue.
    • Create your own Harry Potter paper bows and affix them to the top of the ornaments for a magical finishing touch.

Remember, the key is to have fun and let your imagination run wild.

Crafting Magical Room Décor

Adding Harry Potter décor to a room can make it feel just like you’re stepping into Hogwarts. Here are a couple of my favorite decoration ideas:

  • Harry Potter Pillow Boxes: Perfect for gifting or just to use as decoration. I use cardstock to fold into the shape of boxes, decorating them with house colors and emblems, and then fill them with treats or small trinkets.
  • Harry Potter House Coloring Bookmarks: Simply print out templates or draw the house emblems yourself onto cardstock, cut them out, and color them in. These are ideal for keeping your place in any Harry Potter book like this one.



For a cozy addition, a Harry Potter throw pillow can transform any muggle’s couch. It’s just a matter of finding fabric with the Hogwarts crest or even printing out iron-on transfers.

Lastly, I adore using Harry Potter XL Clothespins to hang up photos and notes on a twine display. It’s a practical piece of décor with that much-loved Harry Potter charm.

Educational Harry Potter Activities

Children creating Harry Potter themed crafts at a table with wands, potions, and spell books

I find that combining the fun of Harry Potter with learning creates an enchanting educational experience for kids.

From brewing potions with scientific principles to decoding runes like Hermione Granger, there’s a world of learning awaiting young muggles.

Integrating Harry Potter into STEM Projects

One of my favorite ways to bring STEM to life is by incorporating Harry Potter themes into favorite projects.

For example, making a DIY wand that lights up involves basic circuitry skills and a touch of creativity. Kids not only craft their unique wand, they also grasp the essentials of electrical connections.

Additionally, exploring acids and bases can be a magical adventure when disguised as a Hogwarts potions class. You can find an elaborate experiment exploring pH levels which is fascinating and educational.

Learning Through Harry Potter Games

Games are another splendid avenue for blending fun with learning. Word games like making spells can improve vocabulary, and you can create a Quidditch-inspired game to teach physics concepts like trajectory and force.

For younger kids, crafts are a gateway to learning. Crafting Harry’s iconic round glasses could evolve into a lesson about light and vision.

Favorite Harry Potter Crafts

A table covered in Harry Potter-themed craft supplies, including wands, spell books, and potion ingredients

In my quest to find the most enchanting Harry Potter crafts for kids, I’ve stumbled upon a couple that are absolutely magical.

Not only do they capture the essence of the Wizarding World, but they are a joy for any young crafter to create.

Assembling Harry Potter Peg Dolls

For those of you who love the intricacy and charm of miniature figures, Harry Potter Peg Dolls are a delightful project to undertake

I meticulously paint tiny facial features, mimicking the appearance of beloved characters like Dumbledore, with his wise eyes and half-moon spectacles.

These little keepsakes come to life with a combination of acrylic paints and fine-tipped brushes, don’t forget to give Harry his signature round spectacles and lightning bolt scar!

Harry Potter Rock Painting Techniques

When it comes to Harry Potter Rock Painting, the possibilities are as vast as the Forbidden Forest. I find smooth, flat rocks and transform them into iconic symbols from the series.

Occasionally, I incorporate Harry Potter quotes onto the rocks, using fine liners to ensure the text is crisp and legible.

To all aspiring young wizards and witches, these crafts are not just fun activities, they are a chance to hold a piece of magic in your very own hands.

Awesome Harry Potter Crafts for Kids

A table scattered with wizard-themed crafts: wands, spell books, potion bottles, and Quidditch broomsticks

I’ve gathered some unique and enchanting Harry Potter craft ideas that are perfect for any young wizard or witch.

Whether you’re creating a magical costume or decorating a room with the wonders of Hogwarts, these crafts are sure to bring a bit of magic into your home.

Creating an Array of Harry Potter Inspired DIYs

I love the idea of making my own DIY wands. They’re simple to craft from sticks or dowels, and with a coat of paint and some embellishments, each wand is as unique as the wizard who wields it.

For those rainy afternoons, I might tackle a Harry Potter Snow Globe, using small jars, glitter, and miniature figures to recreate memorable scenes from the books.

Another cozy project is crafting a Harry Potter blanket. You could knit or sew one with house colors, or even make a patchwork with fabrics featuring iconic symbols from the series.

It’s not only enjoyable to create, but also a warm, practical piece for snuggling up while re-reading the series.

Potter Coloring Pages

Another really fun activity for kids and always a huge hit is coloring pages. I have created a few of my own that you can download for FREE, share with friends and enjoy!


Repurposing Everyday Items for Harry Potter Crafts

Turning everyday items into Harry Potter memorabilia is a magical process. Take toilet paper roll crafts, for example.

I can transform them into Harry Potter broom pencils with some brown paint and a bit of creativity. Or, perhaps craft a Remembrall by painting a small, clear ornament red and placing it atop a makeshift plinth.

If I look around, I see potential for Harry Potter crafts everywhere. An old key can become a keychain with a pair of wings, resembling the flying keys from “The Philosopher’s Stone.”

Even small, everyday plants can find a home in a Harry Potter planter painted with the crest of one’s favorite Hogwarts house.

And let’s not forget a DIY Golden Snitch – made from a ping-pong ball and some crafted wings, it’s a fantastic addition to any craft collection.

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Best Harry Potter Crafts For Kids Art They Will Love
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