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9 Amazing Pirate Themed Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

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Pirate Theme Birthday Party

What’s a pirate party without eye patches, peg legs, and gold doubloons? If you’re looking for a few crafty and highly entertaining pirate themed birthday party ideas for kids, then look no further! Whether you need themed parties for girls, boys, or gender-neutral, we have nine amazing ideas that are sure to be a memorable experience!

Pirate Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Three Pirate Themed Birthday Party Ideas For Girls 

1. Gold Doubloons Decorating Party

The Gold Doubloons Decorating Party is a perfect themed party for the baking girl group. With a spread of edible confetti, colored sugars and dust, sprinkles, candy chips, and fudge, the girls can take turns moving from station to station decorating chocolate cookies and wafers.

You can even allow them to help out in the baking process before decorating for an even better experience. Allow them to cool and place them in golden mesh goodie bags to take home as edible treats for later.

2. Pirate Skull Themed Painting Party

In for a good old-fashioned creative mess? Well, grab some paint and a few plastic skulls from your local craft store, and let’s have a party! The Pirate Skull Themed Painting party is a fun idea that allows the girls to be creative and free.

pirate birthday party ideas

Have each attendee dress in their best pirate costume and take turns decorating their skulls with paint, glitter, and glue on eye patches. Throw on some pirate movies or take out your best pirate playlist and have fun!

3. Hocus Pocus Gypsy Themed Party

If your teen and her group love a good pampering session, then a Hocus Pocus Gypsy-themed party is a must-try! Focused on tropical scents, the girls can try their hands at making bath bombs, perfumes, and candles.

All that is required is a good selection of essential oils (think eucalyptus, lemon, sage, lavender, and tea tree oil), bottles, and candle containersplus a bit of adult supervision- for a fun potion filled party!

For a low-cost alternative, you can purchase candle and perfume containers, essential oils, wicks, and sea salt in bulk at your local craft store instead of DIY kits.

Three Pirate Themed Birthday Party Ideas For Boys

1. Legends Of The Lost World Outdoor Themed Party

Legends Of The Lost World Outdoor-themed party is a great idea for boys! Dressed in their best pirate gear, each attendee may take turns dueling for prizes at multiple stations.

Whether that is bobbing for mango-glazed apples, one-eyed pirate hook toss, or sand dueling for chocolate loot, this is a highly exciting party that will not disappoint!

But don’t stop there. Add in more challenges like pirate bean bag toss or transforming the swimming pool into a pirate dunking booth for an all-day blowout event!

2. Walk The Plank Peg Leg Themed Party

Who doesn’t love a good competition? The Walk The Plank Peg Leg-themed birthday party is a fun, interactive team challenge that puts creativity to the test. Each attendee will be paired to a group and challenged to make the best pirate ship out of blow-up materials, wood chips, mesh lining, and other items.

The team with the best-designed ship can either win prizes or take it up a notch by dueling the opposing team to a Peg Leg relay race (where one leg is bound to another team member and later placed in sandbags or tape for the relay event).

Make this party even more competitive by calling out pirate trivia, and the team who answers correctly can steal a piece of the other’s ship- may the best pirate win!

3. Treasure Trove Find The Gold Scavenger Party

You can’t have a pirate party without buried treasure and a treasure map? If you’re looking for a brain game-focused party, then the Treasure Trove Find The Gold Scavenger birthday party theme is a definite must-try!


Create your very own treasure map with this easy printable download. The images and text in designs are editable, which will enable you to create a fun personalized map!

Treasure items are pre-hidden before the guest’s arrival, and each attendee splits into two groups and is handed a treasure map filled with riddles, detours, and challenges.

pirate theme birthday party

Pirate party scavenger hunt with plenty of editable treasure hunt clues. Simply download, print and cut. As easy as that!

Before locating the gold at the end, add in a dueling challenge for extra competition (can be a trivia game, name that song, or other team challenge event). This is a perfect adventure idea that can be used indoors or outdoors.

Three Gender Neutral Pirate Themed Birthday Party Ideas To Try

1. Bag Of Bones Treasure Hunt Themed Party

If you’re looking for a party idea that is a gender-neutral, fun, and interactive baking option, then our Bag Of Bones Treasure Hunt-themed party is for you!

Essentially, attendees will take turns baking bone-designed mini cakes (or you can make them beforehand), which they can take to the design table to spruce up with edible decorating options.

From a selection of multiple colors, stickable glitters, and pirate-themed decorations, allow the guests to create their bag of bones and water storage in mesh goodie bags to eat now or later.  

These Pirate Party Treat Bags are super cute. Each one comes with a treasure map design as well as a sealing sticker, and features a skull and cross bones.

2. Stranger Tides Selfie Theme Party

Don your favorite pirate costume and get ready for a day of partying and selfie-taking! The Stranger Tides Selfie-themed party is perfect for teens who want to lounge about and take selfies.

Set up different pirate-themed stations (be sure to add props) indoors and outdoors and watch the group flutter area-to-area to get their fill of selfies. If you can splurge on it, grab a few polaroid cameras and an instant print photo printer for take-home trinkets.

3. Dead Man’s Chest Skull Theme Party

A perfect gender-neutral birthday theme for a mixed group of teenagers, the Dead Man’s Chest Skull theme party is a fun way to add creativity, fun, and competition.

Setup either indoors or outdoors (or both depending on the number of attendees) fill the different stations with paints, glue-on pirate items, and eye patches that can be customizable. Once completed, send the attendees off to the photo booth to show off their wild creations!

My Thoughts On Pirate Themed Birthday Party Ideas

These nine unique pirate themed birthday party ideas are sure to be a crowd pleaser for all ages! Give them a try or turn them into your own for a day filled with laugh-out-loud fun! Just to add to the fun, here are some awesome pirate gift ideas for the birthday girl or guy!

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Editable Birthday Party Invitations

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best pirate themed birthday party ideas
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9 Amazing Pirate Themed Birthday Party Ideas For Kids
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9 Amazing Pirate Themed Birthday Party Ideas For Kids
If you're looking for a few crafty and highly entertaining pirate themed birthday party ideas for kids, then look no further! Whether you need themed parties for girls, boys, or gender-neutral, we have nine amazing ideas that are sure to be a memorable experience!

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