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Best Golf Gift Ideas For Dad Under $20 – Golf Gifts For Him

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Golf Gift Ideas For Dad Under $20

Looking for golf gifts for dads? Then you’ve come to the right place.  If you want to get something special and unique for dad, but you have a limited amount of money saved up from your chores, then check out our great list of golf gift ideas for dad under $20!  I’m sure you’ll be able to find something he’ll love.

golf gift ideas for dad

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Great Golf Gift Ideas For Dad 

Golf is very big in our family, my dad plays golf, my hubby and my son. Every year it gets a little harder to decide what to get them so I do a lot of searching for new gift ideas. Here are just a few of my favorite golf gift ideas for dad that I’d like to share with you. And BONUS…all these gifts are under $20

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Golfer’s Prayer Golf Coffee Mug

What a beautiful handmade coffee mug.  I especially love the prayer quote displayed on the back of the mug – “God grant me the Serenity to accept the shots I miss, the Courage to never give up and the Wisdom not to throw my clubs in the water”.

Golf Gift Ideas For DadGolfer’s Prayer Golf Coffee Mug for Golf Fans Great Gift for GolfersGolf Gift Ideas For Dad

Novelty Golf Socks For Dad

Aren’t these super cool?  Are far as golf gift ideas for dad goes, this is a brilliant one. Quality made cotton blend golf socks for dads with a sense of humor.

Golf Gift Ideas For DadGolf Socks For DadGolf Gift Ideas For Dad

More Fun Golf Socks For Dad

Golf Gift Ideas For DadSock It To Me, Par 4, Men’s Crew Socks, Funky Golf SocksSock It To Me, Par 4, Men's Crew Socks, Funky Golf SocksGolf Gift Ideas For DadPremium Golf Socks for MenPremium Golf Socks for MenGolf Gift Ideas For DadNovelty Crazy Funny Golf Socks for MenNovelty Crazy Funny Golf Socks for Men

Golf Evolution Funny T-shirt – Cool Golf Gift Ideas For Dad

Extremely soft and 100% ring-spun cotton. Fits perfectly and keeps its shape. Great print quality, no fading or shrinking.  A great golf gift for dads.

golfing gifts for menThink Out Loud Apparel Golf Evolution Funny T-shirt Golfer Humor Teegolfing gifts for men

Mini Desktop Golf Ball Pen Stand

Dad can use this mini golf ball pen stand at work or his home office.  He will always have a pen handy when needed.

golfing gifts for menMini Desktop Golf Ball Pen Stand with Golf pens 2-Piece Set of Golf Souvenir Novelty Giftgolfing gifts for men

Great Golf Gift Ideas For Dad – Record Your Swing

Definitely at the top of my list of great golf gift ideas for dad – this clever little gadget allows you to record your golf swing with your cell phone. Get instant feedback on alignment, swaying, foot movement and so much more!

It easily expands to fit any cell phone. So easy to set up, just attach the clip to an alignment stick, driver or even your golf bag and you’re all set to go.

golf gifts for dadsCell Phone Swing Recording Clip for Alignment Stick | Golf Phone Holder Clipgolf gifts for dads

Pure Copper Magnetic Healing Bracelet

My husband swears by this magnetic healing bracelet and never takes it off.  Not only does he play golf, but he also plays soccer and surfs so joint pain and injuries are unfortunately a part of the package.  He has had a few of them over the years as due to continuous wearing, they do tend to get a little thin over time, but well worth it!

golf gifts for dadsEarth Therapy, The Original Pure Copper Magnetic Healing Bracelet, for Sport Injury Recovery, Arthritis, and Joint Pain Relief – Minimalist Golf Style – Adjustable – for Mengolf gifts for dads

Golf Ball Marker And Divot Tool

There are a number of great golf gift ideas for dad, but this one really is worth mentioning. I love personalizing my gifts to make them more special, and you can do just that with this golf ball marker and divot tool.

golf gifts for dadsGolf Ball Marker And Divot Toolgolf gifts for dads


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Executive Mini-Sandbox – Tee Time

Perfect for dad’s desk. This will help relieve any stress he has.  Includes a plastic tray, pearl white sand, 1 golf putter, 1 flag, putting green, mini golf ball, 1 grooming rake, and a stone. It’s a great way to relax.

golfing gifts for menExecutive Mini-Sandbox – Tee Timegolfing gifts for men

Golfing Gifts For Men Under $20

If your dad is a practical person then he will love this gift. This NO SWEAT golf hat liner is thin, soft and lightweight.  It also has a cooling effect and protects your golf cap from sweat stains.  A very useful gift for the enthusiastic golfer.

golfing gifts for menNo Sweat Golf Hat Liner & Cap Protection – Prevent Hat Stains, Cooling Towel Effect (6-Pack)golfing gifts for men

Golf Ball Bottle Opener

Does your dad like a cold beer after his round of golf?  Then this is a great present for the golf enthusiast who loves the 19th hole! It comes in a cute gift box ready for any occasion.

golfing gifts for menGolf Ball Bottle Opener, Golfer Beer Gift Novelty Item for the Golf Lover and Beer Enthusiastgolfing gifts for men

Golf Club and Hole-In-One Pop Up Card

Wish friends and family with this perfect 3D greeting card for golfers.  Cut the tabs and use the pop-up as a standalone decoration or ornament for your tree or office!

golf gift ideas for dadGolf Club and Hole-In-One Pop Up Card for All Occasions – Folds Flat for Mailinggolf gift ideas for dad

All-in-One Stainless Steel Golfer’s Tool

The perfect golfer’s tool. It has everything you need – a pocket knife, ball cleaning brush, removable pen, magnetic ball marker, cleat tightener, club cleaner and divot repair. It is light, compact and fits on your key chain.  A very handy little tool indeed 😊

golf gift ideas for dadWhetstone 75-4732 All-in-One Stainless Steel Golfer’s Toolgolf gift ideas for dad



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Love You Dad Golf Ball Gift Set

Tell dad how much you love him with this special golf ball gift set.  Comes three in a pack. Great golf gifts for dads.

golf gift ideas for dadEnjoyLife Inc #1 Dad w/Love You Dad Golf Ball Gift Setgolf gift ideas for dad

Custom Embroidered Golf Towel

You know how I love personalized gifts, well this one is no exception to the golf gift ideas for dad.  Put whatever loving words you want on this unique embroidered all cotton tri-fold golf towel. It is thick and highly absorbent. The towel is fully hemmed for a clean look and makes for a long lasting quality item.

golf gift ideas for dadCustom Embroidered Golf Towelgolf gift ideas for dad

Golf Ball Holder – Pro 

A Pro style holder for golf balls featuring our Quick-Draw Release for fast & easy ball selection. The Grab-n-Go design lets you select golf balls from either side as easy as 1-2-3!

golf gift ideas for dadGolf Ball Holder – Pro with Quick-Draw Release (Black)golf gift ideas for dad


My Thoughts On Golf Gift Ideas For Dad

Dads who play golf always need new golf balls, golf towels, even a golf umbrella because these items don’t last that long if you use them often. Dads also love all the new gadgets that come out every year, and are always keen to try them out.



Golf Gift For Dads


Best Golf Gift Ideas For Dad Under $20 - Golf Gifts For Him
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Best Golf Gift Ideas For Dad Under $20 - Golf Gifts For Him
Want to get something special and unique for dad, but you have a limited amount of money saved up from your chores, then check out our great list of golf gift ideas for dad under $20!  I'm sure you'll be able to find something he'll love.

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