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Cute Valentine’s Day Quotes – Share The Love This Valentine’s Day!

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Cute Valentine’s Day Quotes For Sharing

I came across these really cute Valentine’s Day quotes that I wanted to share with you, and perhaps you can pin them and share with others.

Cute Valentine's Day Quotes


There are so many things that you can do with these cute Valentine’s Day quotes.  You can print them out, frame them, put them on your wall or give as a gift to your loved one.

You can incorporate the quote into your message in your Valentine’s Day card or you can put in onto your gift. Just print it out on a label and display it across your beautifully wrapped gift. Or get even more creative and put it on a t-shirt.

The added quote will make the gift extra special and it’s something your sweetheart can keep forever as a reminder of just how much you love them!

Some Fun And Cute Valentine’s Day Quotes

#1.  Albert Einstein


Cute Valentine's Day Quotes

“You can’t blame gravity for falling in love” – Albert Einstein.

#2.  Paulo Coelho


Cute Valentine's Day Quotes

“Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning”. Love this one by Paulo Coelho.

#3. Funny Valentine’s Day Wall Art Quote


Cute Valentine's Day Quotes

This is a fun Valentine wall art print by HandLetteringLaura.  You can find it here.

#4.  Cute Valentine’s Day Love Quotes


cute valentine's day quotes


This is a lovely quote. If you don’t feel like making it yourself or perhaps you don’t have the time then you can get the original instant download from Dodidoodles

#5. Loved John 3:16


Valentines day quote

This Valentine’s Christian quote will make a great gift for the DIY’er.  If you have a Cricut Machine or Silhouette Studio Designer Edition then this is a wonderful homemade Valentine’s gift idea

If you don’t yet have a Cricut machine, but would absolutely love one then this one is the greatest and latest currently on offer (get hubby to buy it for your for Valentine’s Day)!

#6. Sloth Valentine’s Day Quote


Cute Valentine's Day Quotes

If you’re a regular visitor to my gift blog then you’ll know how much I love ‘anything’ Sloth so I just had to (yes, had to) add this one. It is also a great one for the Cricut machine. Head over to TheDesignHippo to get this one.

#7.  Cute Valentine’s Day Quotes


Cute Valentine's Day Quotes

I find this quote so romantic – don’t you? I’m not sure where it comes from as there was no author given – anonymous.

Valentine’s Day Quotes Wife

Here are some wonderful Valentine’s Day quotes for your wife. I’m sure she’ll love these!

#8. Alfred Tennyson


Best Valentine's day quotes

#9. Weathering The Storm Together


cute Valentine's Day Quotes for her

Love this quote by Seth Adam Smith…it is so true. Real love is all about the ups and downs, not only the good times.

#10. Best Friends Forever!


Valentine gift for her

This beautiful best friend quote is available at DevineDesignsCo.  Hang it proudly on your wall.

Valentine Quotes Husband

Guys, we haven’t forgotten about you.  Here is how much your sweetheart loves you!


#11. Audrey Hepburn


romantic quotes for him

#12. Valentine Gift Quote


Valentine gift quotes

Another anonymous quote, but as far as Cute Valentine’s Day quotes go, I really like this one. It’s from the heart.

#13. Oscar Wilde


Valentine for him

A wonderful quote from Oscar Wilde. Sometimes we tend to forget that material items are just not that important.

Valentine’s Day Quotes Kids

Absolutely love these cute Valentine’s Day quotes for kids – what do you think?

#14. Happy Valentine’s My Children


Valentine day quotes kids

#15. A Mom’s Love – Cute Valentine’s Day Quotes


love quotes for kids


#16. Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Quotes


valentine's day quotes

As Antoine De Saint-Exupéry the poet would say!

#17. I Love Being Married


funny valentine's day quotes

Ah, how funny and true is this quote about marriage? Love this one! Hope your other half has a good sense of humor.

#18. Love As A Single Soul


special valentine's day quotes

As Aristotle the Philosopher would say, “Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies”.

#19. Deep Love Forever


Cute Valentine's Day Quotes

#20. True Valentine’s Day Quotes


Cute Valentine's Day Quotes

This is a great Valentine quote. So true and certainly makes one think.


My Thoughts On These Cute Valentine’s Day Quotes

There were so many wonderful and heartfelt quotes that I wanted to share, but I decided on these few because they really hit home for me.  I will definitely be adding more as time goes by so check back every now and again. 


Cute Valentine's Day Quotes


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Cute Valentine's Day Quotes - Share The Love!
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Cute Valentine's Day Quotes - Share The Love!
I came across these really cute Valentine's Day quotes that I wanted to share with you, and perhaps you can pin them and share with others.

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