Snapstar Dolls – “Do Cool Things And Take Cool Photos!”

Snapstar doll app

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Snapstar Dolls Are Great BFFs

Welcome!  I’m very happy to introduce to you the Snapstar Squad. The squad is made up of a group of six Snapstar dolls.  This trendy group of BFFs share their love for style, fashion, travel, food and music.

Snapstar Dolls

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Snapstar Dolls Have Style

Each Snapstar doll comes with their own unique style reflected in their clothes and accessories. The Snapstar dolls are super-easy to pose and accessorize.

The clever combination of physical play and digital play via the easy to use Snapstar doll app allows children to get creative and share their Snapstars cool travels with the world.

Can you believe it -The Snapstar Squad have their own Instagram and YouTube channels which offer a great way to interact creatively with the Snapstar dolls’ world.

Image Credit : Sophie Brown

The Snapstar Squad – Collect All Six Besties!

Fabulous Snapstar doll Izzy, is a Master Crafter and won’t let anything go to waste. She is passionate about the environment and recycling, and will find a way to craft something from anything.

Snapstar doll Izzy#SNAPSTAR – Izzy#Snapstar doll Izzy


Yuki, the music lover, always makes sure that her friends are on the VIP list. Whether laying down tracks in the studio or DJing live, Yuki always has the coolest EDM tracks.

snapstar dolls walmart#SNAPSTAR – Yuki, Toysnapstar dolls walmart


Lola, who is 99% unicorn, is passionate and positive, changing the world with kindness.

#SNAPSTAR squad#SNAPSTAR – Lola Doll- Create Your Own Looks with The Free Studio App!#SNAPSTAR squad


Aspen, wide-eyed with wanderlust, wants to travel the world . . . but only with her Snapstar Squad BFFs.

#SNAPSTAR doll app#SNAPSTAR – Aspen Toy#SNAPSTAR doll app


Beautiful Echo, dazzling babe, with all her grace and easy going outlook, Echo is never out of place wherever she goes.

snapstar dolls#SNAPSTAR – Echo Toy#SNAPSTAR - Echo Toy


Dawn, diva fashionista, always knows where the party is, Diva knows what she wants and knows just how she will get it.

#SNAPSTAR - Dawn Toy doll#SNAPSTAR – Dawn Toy#SNAPSTAR - Dawn Toy doll


The set of six fabulous dolls, each with their own unique style, are sold separately and all have removable clothing and accessories. They also have removable hair.

The dolls even have teeny holes in their ears so that you can change their earrings to match their super trendy outfits.  A range of other outfits and accessories are also available to collect.

Image Credit : Sophie Brown

Snapstar Doll App

The Snapstar doll app adds even more versatility to styling the Snapstar Squad.  Use the green posing stand to strike a suitable pose for your Snapstar.

Place her in front of the green-screen and choose from a selection of backdrops to bring the dolls into the digital world.

Travel the world or simply add some style.  You can even select a backdrop from your own photo-roll.

Snapstar doll app
Image Credit : Sophie Brown – Screenshots of the Snapstar App

There is more functionality and customization to look forward to as updates are rolled out to the current app.

The Snapstar Studio app is available for both iOS, from the App Store, and Android, from Google Play.

Helpful Snapstar Video Tutorials

There are a selection of official Snapstar tutorials to watch online covering how to use the posing stand, green screen and backdrops as well as how to apply make-up and how to use Snapstars’ hair and accessories.

Snapstar Dolls Are The Coolest

Snapstar dolls encourage imaginative role play with the combination of physical and digital styling.

Each Snapstar doll comes with a green screen and a green posing stand to be used with the Snapstar Studio app to add backdrops to your Snapstar snaps.

The dolls are sold separately and include:

  1. Doll
  2. Clothes
  3. Accessories
  4. Posing stand
  5. Green screen
  6. and a free download of the Snapstar Studio App

Additional Snapstar doll clothes and accessories are also available, and sold separately.

Thoughts from This Year’s Toy Fair

Snapstars are set to be one of the coolest doll collections of 2019 – super-easy to use and great fun to play with.




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Snapstar Dolls - “Do Cool Things And Take Cool Photos!”
Article Name
Snapstar Dolls - “Do Cool Things And Take Cool Photos!”
Welcome!  I’m very happy to introduce to you the Snapstar Squad. The squad is made up of a group of six Snapstar dolls.  This trendy group of BFFs share their love for style, fashion, travel, food and music.

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