best learning toys for toddlers

The Best Learning Toys For Toddlers That Will Improve Their Motor Skills

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Best Learning Toys For Toddlers To Learn Motor Skills

Learning motor skills is very important for toddlers to be able to maneuver and learn what works and what doesn’t.  Toys create the pathway to a toddler learning physical, mental, social and emotional development and are an important part of a child’s upbringing.  I have put together a list of what I believe are the best learning toys for toddlers.

best learning toys for toddlers

best learning toys for toddlers

Choosing the best learning toys for toddlers can be challenging with all of the items available today.  Keep in mind that toys with features such as pounding, sawing and other tasks require that the toy you choose is strong enough to withstand all the rough play time it’s going to have.

Pounding toys are also on the list of best learning toys for toddlers.  They let the child hammer balls or other shapes until they fall.  They are great learning tools for hand-eye coordination and aiming.  Toddlers can use their imaginations to pretend, play and create things from the motor skills toys that are available today.

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Melissa & Doug Offer Some Of The Best Learning Toys For Toddlers

Melissa & Doug toys have always been leaders in toys that ignite the imagination and help children realize their full potential.  They manufacture well designed, tough and classic wooden toys that help children of all ages discover a passion or a purpose in life.

The Hammer and Saw Tool Bench – Wooden Building Set by Melissa & Doug comes with 26 building pieces, the tool bench and 5 tools.  It’s ingenious how they designed self stick tabs that mimic cutting the wood.

top learning toys toddlersMelissa & Doug Hammer and Saw Tool Bench – Wooden Building Set (32 pcs)CHECK CURRENT PRICE

Toddlers can pound on the wooden nails to their heart’s content and learn motor skills and hand-eye coordination.  There are even blueprints to help the kids create houses, boats or animals as they grow and learn or they can use their imagination and create their own structure.

best learning toys for toddlersPlaykidz: Super Durable Pound A Ball Great Fun for Toddlers.CHECK CURRENT PRICE

Playkidz’ Super Durable Pound A Ball is also designed with teaching a child eye-hand coordination, how to sort shapes and cleverly introduces them to color.

This Pound A Ball toy was especially designed for little hands and excitement when the balls are pounded and roll out the side.

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Rock-A-Stack Are Included On The Best Learning Toys For Toddlers List

The  stacking toy from Fisher-Price is a classical and inexpensive toy that’s been around for generations.  It’s an evolving learning tool for the toddler that can delight them with rattles, help them teethe by chewing on the rings and eventually figuring out colors and how to stack them to fit.

Now, there are other Rock-A-Stack toys to choose from, including the Rock-A-Stack Pink or the Rock-Stack-Clacker which features a teething ring at the top of the stack.

top learning toys toddlersFisher-Price Rock-A-Stack – PinkCHECK CURRENT PRICEtop learning toys toddlersFisher-Price Rock-A-Stack ClackerCHECK CURRENT PRICE

I believe that beginning your child’s learning experience with motor skill toys helps to develop confidence in other things they attempt later in life.

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best learning toys for toddlers


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