Craft toys for toddlers

See What These TOP 5 Craft Toys For Toddlers Have To Offer?

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Top 5 Arts and Craft Toys for Toddlers

When I think creative, I think craft toys for toddlers.  They love to make a mess with arts and crafts. With the Play-Doh 10-Pack of Colors, your child can use the modeling compound for hours of play. Each of the 2 ounce cans introduces your child to a different color. There’s no end to what your child can create.

Craft toys for toddlers

He can create single items or even entire landscapes. The compound is easily handled by little fingers and kids love to squeeze the Play-Doh into various shapes. They also love to build up things and then flatten them. This is a safe, non-toxic toy that can spark your child’s creative side.
arts crafts toys kidsMy First Crayola; Palm-Grip Crayons; Art Tools; 6 count; Designed for ToddlersBUY NOW


Crayola’s My First Crayola – Palm-Grip Crayons are a must have for any toddler. With this toy, you’ll get a six count of crayons in basic colors. They’re made in the shape of an egg for the purpose of fitting more easily in a toddler’s hand.

This toy introduces your child to the world of color and design and helps them with grasp and dexterity. Kids love to create their designs and it helps them learn to draw and teaches them the names of different colors.




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Great Craft Toys For Toddlers

Using this toy allows a child to express himself as well as use advanced thinking skills. ALEX Toys Little Hands Button Art is a toy that teaches a toddler how to match colors in the art pictures.

Each of the pictures has circles where the buttons go and these circles are outlined with the color that belongs there. It teaches a child – not only how to know his colors – but also develops fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

craft toys for toddlersALEX Toys Little Hands Button ArtBUY NOW

A tray comes with the toy so that it can keep all the pieces together. You’ll get a total of 46 buttons to put in the 10 pictures. The buttons snap right into place. For more creative fun, you’ll want to get the AquaDoodle Travel Doodle for your toddler.

coloring pages simple

Download these great free printable coloring pages now!



Fun Travel Craft Toys For Toddlers

craft toys for toddlersAquaDoodle – Accessories – Travel Doodle – NeonBUY NOW



These craft toys for toddlers have the Aquadoodle pen and the Travel ‘n Doodle together. It allows a child to be able to draw and create while at home – but also while they’re traveling in the car.

It’s a durable toy that’s made to last and it can be used with Aquadoodle accessories that you buy separately.

What kids love about this craft toy is that they can make a drawing again and again. The child uses the pen to make a work of art and then the picture dries.

Once it’s dry, the toddler can draw something else without having to erase anything.

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ALEX Toys Make Awesome Craft Toys For Toddlers

craft toys for toddlersALEX Toys Little Hands First ScribbleBUY NOW


Letting the inner artist out is what the ALEX Toys Little Hands First Scribble does for your child.

Kids love to scribble. This book has toddler designed activities to engage him or her with hours of learning, creating and play.

The book is 50 pages in length and comes with a set of 70 fun stickers toddlers will love.

It has a soft spiral that connects the pages, which is easy to hold and it won’t pinch little fingers.

arts crafts toys kids

Craft Toys For Toddlers
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